Art Goût Beauté, February 1925 Issue

The library collection I work with is filled with inspiration, it is truly endless!

The images above are from Art Goût Beauté (Art, Good Taste and Beauty), a Parsion fashion magazine that published during the 1920s and the 1930s that reflect the Art Deco era. The prints are all hand colored using a  pochoir pochoir technique, a method of hand-coloring using stencils similar to silk screening.

The little supplement included in this particular issue show ideas for costumes which look incredible!

Happy Halloween!

xoxo Jules


Itty Bitty Foods

A few pix from one of my themed Sunday dinners with my friends a little while ago - mini, itty, bitty foods! It was the first time I made little burger buns from scratch - they were a hit!

My next food project will be roast pork buns and other types of meat fillings such as lemongrass beef?



I Heart Zaldy (Michael Jackson's This Is It Wardrobe Reveal!)

My dear friend, a regular patron at the Costume Institute Library and huge supporter of cake balls, Zaldy, was on Access Hollywood revealing the costumes he designed for Michael Jackson's This Is It tour. I adore him! So incredibly talented and he has the biggest heart.

The LA Times also did a nice write up: http://www.latimes.com/features/image/la-ig-diary1-2009nov01,0,1286606.story

xoxo Jules