Dreadnought in Athens

My buddy Noel Hennessy is in Greece this summer installing a show in Athens for ReMap2 of his collaborative work with Micheal Bevilacqua under the name Dreadnought. He is posting photos of his works-in-progess out there, so check out this blog.

Miss you Noel!


Garden Party

The other day my friends that I work with at The Costume Institute had a lovely garden party/reunion with our dear friend Ajiri (our old super star intern), who just returned from Paris with a Master's (in Decorative Arts, Desigh, Culture and History thank-you-very-much) under her belt and working a new gig with Orange Films (congrats babe!). Coincidentally, we had a Red&Pink food themed party from my Korean-Vietnamese burgers (well red before they are on the grill), watermelon/cherry tomatoe/basil skewers & homemade salsa made by Bethany, strawberry rhubarb by bought by Amanda from The Blue Stove in Williamsburg, Andrew's pink lemonade vodka with mint, and my red velvet cake balls! We pigged out on homemade fried won tons by Joyce, Shannon's ambrosia salad, and Keith's grilled corn. Baby Oona (pictured with a Crunchy as a teething toy!) was the Queen of the Party and looked so yummy we all wanted a bite of her too! ;)