Crunchy Jewels Cake Balls on the Today Show with Daily Candy

So,they ran out of time to talk about my balls (which were on the table beside the vanilla extract), but you know they had enough time to eat them all like Al Roker! ;). Many thanks to my ladies at Daily Candy for their continued support!

Here is the updated web article that accompanies this tv segment:

Most of us are dining out less, which provides a good opportunity to try new recipes and entertain at home more often. Avoid getting stuck in a rut, but still keep expenses low, by tasting a big trend in food right now: halfsies. Portions were reaching outlandish sizes, so you won’t be missing anything but calories and cost. Tastemakers are also making desserts more miniature.

New Yorker Julie Lê is a creative powerhouse but produces wee little sweets. She spends her days as a librarian at the Met’s Costume Institute, and her nights and weekends creating a truly tasty, tiny treat she invented, Crunchy Jewels. She crumbles red velvet cake in cream cheese frosting, rolls in chocolate and dusts with coconut to produce these little bites of heaven.



p.s. I would not claim that I invented cake balls, but rather found an addictive and tasty adaptation that never gets complaints ;). The reason why I only have one flavor available, red velvet, is because it took me a little while to find the perfect combination of ingredients.