Sean McNanney and I have been friends since we met in Seattle working together at Betsey Johnson (I was taking a short break from the City for about 8 months). As I returned to NYC in 2001, Sean followed route and two years later opened Saved Gallery. These photos were taken on the last days leading to the store's closing to preserve & showcase Sean's unique handicraft and aesthetic. As friends, we shared a common ground in make-believe, old stories from old ladies, vintage design, grotesque humor, romance, and fantasies of living inside a jewelry box.

Saved Gallery was a endless source of inspiration for so many artists and designers. Sean's use of color was incredible and his eye for those little pieces here and there that were once abandoned and forgotten. I spent hours at his shop because it was only a few blocks away from home. Click on the photo above to see a slide show of Sean's old space. I look forward to his future endeavors because his work & projects will only get more extravagant, always a little off-kilter, but beautiful.

So.... Sean is going to re-upholster a chair for me with fabric he designed and handmade himself. I am so excited! Stay tuned.