Deitch Projects: AVAF - Absolutely Venomous Accurately Fallacious (Naturally Delicious)

Deitch Projects events & parties are always a spectacle, but when you get people outta Manhattan (even Brooklyn for goodness sake!) and in a faraway location beside the Water's Edge then you know nothing but magical (ok, strange) things could happen.

Sean, Gerry, and I took the scenic route to Long Island City via the B61 Bus from Williamsburg to Queens. Where we were going, I was not sure, but as we exited the bus we saw our guardian angel in pink tights. We instinctively knew that where she was going, so were we! The walk there felt like a mile and we pretended we were her body guards as we followed closely behind. The area we were in was rather desolate and the locales seemed pretty alarmed at our presence which was amusing.

When we finally reached our destination, we were blown away by the view and then completely overwhelmed by the number of people that traveled to the event and dressed up in ridiculously colorful ensembles and costumes. I was quickly accosted by an old man dressed as a cave man - I wasn't sure if he was a homeless man (forgive me sir, but you looked really crazy) or a really serious actor. As expected from cave men, he grunted at me and pounded his chest. Luckily throughout the night, I would run into him and he even was sweet enough to try to hump my leg on the dance floor. Only in New York City, would this not be a surprise.

Once we sifted through the crowd of strangers and all people we knew and had to chit chat with, we entered the art space we were instantaneously overwhelmed, but intrigued. The scale of it was massive, but equally impressive was that every inch of space was covered. 3-D masks were handed out to all the visitors, so the combination of lights and imagery was an entertaining distraction. Just when we thought we saw everything, there was another room that was just as large with a stage and a dance floor. It was not even seven o' clock and people were getting started. Dance troupes were performing amongst the crowd and everywhere you turn either in front of you, above, or below there was something interesting or odd to look at. Even the mixture of people was fascinating from the men in suits (most likely those who wandered over from the wedding party next door), people dressed in costumes, nearly nude dancers, little munchkins (as in children), someone's sweet grandmother, and at least a handful of familiar faces.

We stayed for awhile, danced under the falling confetti, ate strawberries, enjoyed the view, and it was a lovely time.

If you wanna see this live and in person, click here for more informatoin.