Crunchy Friends: Lizette

When I first moved to NYC as a teenager, Lizette Vieni was one of the first friends I made whose entire Puerto-Rican/Italian family took me in as their Asian daughter and sister! Below is a photo of Lizette and my "brothers" Chris & Benny at "our parents" wedding anniversary where they threw a huge dance party that lasted until 3am! Even the grandparents were getting their boogie on! Her family has been so generous to me and being with them feels like my home away from home when in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.

So, naturally when I think of all the women that have inspired me in my life, I wanted to design a piece in her namesake. Here are some photos below of the Lizette Crunchy! All are one of a kind necklaces where a thick chain is held up by two thinner chains. I have a long version and a short version.