Now accepting Holiday Cake Ball Orders until 12/17 Midnight!!

Many thanks to those who ordered cake balls for their turkey dinners. I have finally enlisted some help, so I am ready for all of your holiday orders ;). If you have ordered from me before, you will get a free surprise! Pick up will be available the weekend before Christmas and delivery may be available to those in the city for an extra fee so please inquire. My list will close December 17th at midnight.


xoxo, jules


Crunchy X Stuart & Wright

The Crunchy in Color series have finally landed at Stuart & Wright in Fort Greene. The photo above is a pic I took on my phone of my display that Alec put together for me (it's not completely filled up because he had sold 2 pieces the first day!) As you know, I'm juggling a lot of different projects on top of my new job at the Costume Institute Library, but having so much fun!

Check out Stuart & Wright's blog for updates on the new merchandise they are getting in the shop.



Balls Fit for a Castle

Red velvet cake balls dipped in custom-colored white chocolate and covered in coconut for Kohle Yohannan's Halloween Party at Grey Stone Court.



Chunky Crunchies!

My Lizette Crunchy has been updated with a little more color! I have also found some really chunky vintage chains from the last time I was in Seattle at a yard sale. I have nearly a hundred pounds of chains in the jewelry work corner of my house, but still collect and buy more whenever I find something I like. It's an addiction!


Crunchy Jewels X Linus in DAILY CANDY

My friend Stella Lee has a new clothing line called Linus which was featured in Daily Candy and the photo in the article has a Crunchy!


Here are some of my favorite Linus pieces:

Check out www.linusthelabel.com to pre-order the Spring collection.



Crunchy Jewels x Gotryke.com

My writer friend Tamara Warren wrote an article on Crunchy enttiled, "Chains with a Bite" - I love it! She is also a proud new mamma to Benicio - I have yet to meet him, but judging by the photos - I may eat him all up because he is just that cute.



Burger Girl

Burger Girl

It is summer in New York City which means it's BBQ season! Every so often I am hired to grill for parties or the grill madame at my friend's parties. Why? I make burgers that will change you life, but not just any kind of burger - Korean-Vietnamese BBQ burgers. Pretty serious, so serious that all you need is a bun and nothing else because the condiments are contained in the meat!

Here is the recipe to feed a small party. I generally guesstimate my measurements, but basically you can judge the marinade by taste before you add the meat. The most basic & important ingredients are soy, sugar, scallions & onions - I love playing with what I happen to have in the kitchen. So here goes:

1 bottle of Kikkoman Low Sodium Soy Sauce (the green bottle)
4 Tablespoon of Fish Sauce - Three Crab Brand
1/4 cup Tablesoons of Sugar in the Raw or brown sugar - add more if you want it sweeter
1 teaspoon Ground Black Pepper
1 Tablespoon of Honey or Mirin
1/4 cup of Chili Garlic Sauce (add more or less depending how spicy you want it)
4 Cloves of minced Garlic
2 Tablespoons of minced Ginger
1 Bunch of chopped Scallion
1 Chopped Onion

4 1/2 - 5 pounds of Ground Sirloin Beef

Sesame Burger Buns

In a large bowl or deep dish pan, add the sugar, fish sauce, sugar, ground pepper, honey, and chili garlic sauce together. Taste to see whether or not you want to add more sugar and/or more spice with the chili garlic sauce. Then add garlic, ginger, scallion, and onions. Mix thoroughly and then add ground beef. Make sure that the meat is entirely coated with the marinade. Refrigerate for at least 2 hours.

Grill each side for 5 minutes. Add to a toasted bun and enjoy! Do not even think of adding ketchup to this burger. I will be insulted. You will never want to eat a regular burger at a BBQ ever again I promise!



Preview: Crunchy in Color

For the past few months, I have been working on a new series of Crunchies using colored cord and string. Here is what I have been working on so far, but many more to come! I have been putting out a few pieces here and there to test their response...



I have been away on vacation with the man-friend. I will post more photos & videos soon of our adventures in Playa del Carmen & Tulum....but in the meantime, check out Jay's Beach Portrait Series on his blog!



Crunchies in Dubai!

Thanks to Randa who was my liaison for my first store in Dubai - Five Green!


Vice Magazine

Crunchy was pulled for a Vice Magazine shoot for the Fashion Issue! Ok, so you can't really see the jewelry, but I have a credit, ha.




Sean McNanney and I have been friends since we met in Seattle working together at Betsey Johnson (I was taking a short break from the City for about 8 months). As I returned to NYC in 2001, Sean followed route and two years later opened Saved Gallery. These photos were taken on the last days leading to the store's closing to preserve & showcase Sean's unique handicraft and aesthetic. As friends, we shared a common ground in make-believe, old stories from old ladies, vintage design, grotesque humor, romance, and fantasies of living inside a jewelry box.

Saved Gallery was a endless source of inspiration for so many artists and designers. Sean's use of color was incredible and his eye for those little pieces here and there that were once abandoned and forgotten. I spent hours at his shop because it was only a few blocks away from home. Click on the photo above to see a slide show of Sean's old space. I look forward to his future endeavors because his work & projects will only get more extravagant, always a little off-kilter, but beautiful.

So.... Sean is going to re-upholster a chair for me with fabric he designed and handmade himself. I am so excited! Stay tuned.



Summer Crunchies

I have experimenting with a little more color other than gold & metal tones. This is a piece that is made with vintage milk glass beads that seem to float on an oxidized fine sterling silver chain. I have a huge collection of vintage beads that I have been hoarding for a rainy day....



Deitch Projects: AVAF - Absolutely Venomous Accurately Fallacious (Naturally Delicious)

Deitch Projects events & parties are always a spectacle, but when you get people outta Manhattan (even Brooklyn for goodness sake!) and in a faraway location beside the Water's Edge then you know nothing but magical (ok, strange) things could happen.

Sean, Gerry, and I took the scenic route to Long Island City via the B61 Bus from Williamsburg to Queens. Where we were going, I was not sure, but as we exited the bus we saw our guardian angel in pink tights. We instinctively knew that where she was going, so were we! The walk there felt like a mile and we pretended we were her body guards as we followed closely behind. The area we were in was rather desolate and the locales seemed pretty alarmed at our presence which was amusing.

When we finally reached our destination, we were blown away by the view and then completely overwhelmed by the number of people that traveled to the event and dressed up in ridiculously colorful ensembles and costumes. I was quickly accosted by an old man dressed as a cave man - I wasn't sure if he was a homeless man (forgive me sir, but you looked really crazy) or a really serious actor. As expected from cave men, he grunted at me and pounded his chest. Luckily throughout the night, I would run into him and he even was sweet enough to try to hump my leg on the dance floor. Only in New York City, would this not be a surprise.

Once we sifted through the crowd of strangers and all people we knew and had to chit chat with, we entered the art space we were instantaneously overwhelmed, but intrigued. The scale of it was massive, but equally impressive was that every inch of space was covered. 3-D masks were handed out to all the visitors, so the combination of lights and imagery was an entertaining distraction. Just when we thought we saw everything, there was another room that was just as large with a stage and a dance floor. It was not even seven o' clock and people were getting started. Dance troupes were performing amongst the crowd and everywhere you turn either in front of you, above, or below there was something interesting or odd to look at. Even the mixture of people was fascinating from the men in suits (most likely those who wandered over from the wedding party next door), people dressed in costumes, nearly nude dancers, little munchkins (as in children), someone's sweet grandmother, and at least a handful of familiar faces.

We stayed for awhile, danced under the falling confetti, ate strawberries, enjoyed the view, and it was a lovely time.

If you wanna see this live and in person, click here for more informatoin.



Mer Collection

A few of my close friends have come out with some pretty incredible clothing lines this season....

My sister-in-spirit Angie Wright has come out with a small collection of women's wear called Mer that I have fallen in love with. I have the yellow dress in the photo. The colors are beautiful, the fabrics are precious, and the silhouettes are super flattering. When I was working in the Costume Institute, Angie would come visit to do inspiration research. She would spend hours looking through old periodicals and monographs of revolutionary designers. We bonded over our love for fashion history. It was always a pleasure having her come to do research and pulling archival materials for her because she would really study it all.

Check out her collection at www.mercollection.com and you can purchases her pieces at Stuart & Wright in Brooklyn and Steven Alan in Tribeca. Angie recently had a profile written about Mer in Time Out Magazine.


Oreo Truffles and Newman-O Truffles

Oreos has come out with a limited edition flavor - Strawberry Milkshake! So I made Oreo Truffles with them (mashed together with frosting) that are covered in hot pink colored chocolate.I also experimented with Newman-O's. My favorite flavor is the mint chocolate and I covered these in mint green colored chocolate. So yummmy, but very sweet.

xoxo Jules


Crunchy (Sister) Friends : Kathy

My little sister is wearing multiple Crunchies of her namesake, click here to see all the different ways you can wear your Kathy Crunchy. I wear mine on my wrist always and never take it off. The colors that tarnish and fade as a result are soooo pretty.

Sissy loves to dance, what a cutie!



Brooklyn Flea

Jay and I will be hanging out at Brooklyn Flea a couple Sundays a month with our table of goodies: Tinbots, Crunchy Jewels, and CAKE BALLS.

Red velvet & cream cheese frosting cakes balls dipped in dark chocolate and sprinkled with coconut to be exact. So I have both wearable Crunch Jewels and EDIBLE Crunchy Jewels ;-).

Email me at julie@crunchyjewels.com to find out when I'll be at the Flea.



My Day Job

Vito Acconci - Theme Song Preview (1993)

I started working for Vito Acconci & Acconci Studio in Dumbo as their Archivist/Librarian. The opportunity to work with a living legend in the world of art is incredible. Often time the archives I process and work with has materials which have a huge question mark stamped on it. With this archive, I have the original source as a resource, as a reference, and that is something very uncommon and unique

Vito Acconci's work is prolific and commonly known as an important figure of the Conceptual Art movement in the the 1970s experimenting with various media such as performance, video, body art, literature, and other media deemed untraditional. His work has been exhibited worldwide in museums and galleries such as: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Museum of Modern Art, the Whitney Museum of American Art, the Brooklyn Museum, the CEntro Gellego de Art Contemporanea, Santaigo de Campostela in Spain, the Stroom at the Hague in the Netherlands, Barbara Gladstone and many others.

Since the late 1980s, Vito Acconci has been working under the collective name of Acconci Studio with other talented architects and designers. I have been working with both art documents & papers that pertain the the artist's work that date back to the 1970s and architectural/design papers of the Studio from the late 1980s to the present.

Here are some links to learn more about Vito Acconci's oeuvre.






Crunchy Friends: Lizette

When I first moved to NYC as a teenager, Lizette Vieni was one of the first friends I made whose entire Puerto-Rican/Italian family took me in as their Asian daughter and sister! Below is a photo of Lizette and my "brothers" Chris & Benny at "our parents" wedding anniversary where they threw a huge dance party that lasted until 3am! Even the grandparents were getting their boogie on! Her family has been so generous to me and being with them feels like my home away from home when in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.

So, naturally when I think of all the women that have inspired me in my life, I wanted to design a piece in her namesake. Here are some photos below of the Lizette Crunchy! All are one of a kind necklaces where a thick chain is held up by two thinner chains. I have a long version and a short version.