M a blog/Tyler Askew

My buddy Tyler Askew gave me a little love on his blog. Tyler is a mult-talented designer, art director, writer, and deejay, but in all honestly, should be a librarian as well! We both share a big love for collecting art/fashion/design magazines.

He pulled these pix of little sister Kat for the blog, which I check out regularly - he has a great eye for finding inspirational material.


Animals of the Forest (My Parent's Backyard).

The photos below are part of a mini-series I did (for a giggle) of my parent's "animals" in their backyard forest in Edmonds, Washington. To see photographs of real deer, check out Peter Sutherland's photo book entitled Buck Shots that was published by powerHouse Books.


I Heart Dolly

One of my friends, the handsome and super talented Adam Selman, styled a shoot for Dolly's new music video. Amazing. One day I am going to make it to Dollywood! Amy Sedaris makes a cameo appearance as well and I am also a huge fan from her Strangers with Candy days.

As a child, I always tried to emulate her bold style in my own wacky and handmade (usually by myself) ensembles. Dolly definitely has style, which is totally over-the-top, a bit off kilter, definitely gaudy, but my goodness does she know how to show off her curves!



Crunchy Friends: Jason G. Lewis & L.A.

My other half and my partner-in-crime Jason G. Lewis and I were flown out to Los Angeles last month to work on an ad campaign for Intel documenting video gamers. We stayed in the swanky Standard Hotel in Downtown L.A. but we were working so hard that there wasn't much time to play while we were on the job. The Murakami show was opening a few days after our gig (click here to see photos of our museum trip), so we extended our trip, much thanks to Cousin Malakhi. He generously let us stay at his place in Silver Lake for a few weeks. We were loving the sun and stayed for a month mainly to hang out with new friends and photograph skater kids. Jay and I traveled to four different skate parks and it was incredible experience spending time with these kids and hearing their stories, but also seeing their style. Too cute! Once Jay posts those photos, I will update with a link.

Some photos of our trip....

During our lunch break, we hung out in the parking garage of the L.A. Convention Center and did an impromptu shoot because we had this huge space all to ourselves - you never know when you'll be inspired, right? This is my photo of Jay shooting, but check out his blog for the photos he took of me here.

Cousin Malakhi with the camera on the right! If it weren't for him, I may have been left in Joshua Tree Desert to wither away ;-).

The back lot of the HVW8 Gallery - Tyler G and his lady Kim took us around L.A. to see some art exhibitions and we just chilled. Great people to be around when I was homesick for Brooklyn.

A picture taken by Jay of me in the sun and next to our favorite Pho Cafe restaurant that we went to about 20 times during our stay. We can never get sick of Vietnamese food. Another discovery for me personally were the FISH tacos.

Those are all the photos I have for now - traveling with Jay means I can rely on him to document our trip. =)

We have more projects lining up when we return to Brooklyn. Stay tuned! View his photographic work on his blog. Jay and I always have so much fun working together and the more I work with him, the more I am impressed with his work. You will be inspired by his imagery too! I have been the fashion director/stylist (A.K.A. fashion police) for a several of his shoots, check out the installments on DJ Spinna & Karizma. I am going to be producing more fashion and style-oriented shoots with him when it is warmer in NYC - so if you are a hair stylist or make-up artist interested in working with us - drop me a line for sure and send me examples of your work!