Librarian Tendencies.....

I have a serious book fetish. I have curbed my book addiction and have not been to the Strand Bookstore in months though! I also do not have room in my house for any more books because it is starting to seep into the common areas. So, I made a deal with myself that I had to finish cataloging my book collection - I am halfway there. See my personal library and the progress thus far:


I often have friends come over to do inspiration research - I also collect vintage fashion periodicals and have hundreds clothing patterns. Maybe one day I will open a library/archive of my own if my collection continues to grow.

My design process can be a bit tedious and mimics my librarian tendencies - I have a thing for sorting, organizing, collating, labeling, archiving and inventorying pretty much everything. The chains I collect start out in this huge mountain of chains (see the photo below of my tabletop - you can't even see the table itself!) and I simply start pulling out pieces that stand out to me. Then, I separate my vintage chains on bulletin boards by width and type of links. The way I go about making pieces is both orderly and a bit chaotic....



Crunchy Friends:: Jiminie Ha

All of Crunchies are named after my favorite ladies & gentleman. Eventually, I am going to get portraits of them wearing the Crunchy of their namesake, so stay tuned!

The Jiminie Crunchy series are jewelry pieces made entirely out of necklaces fasteners - about 100 individual clasps to make an entire necklace. I also love the Jiminie rings. I am hoping to find some teeny tiny clasps to make rings in different sizes as well as creating a Jiminie series made of real gold and sterling.

Miss Jiminie Ha is one of my favorite artists & graphic designers. A graduate of Yale University, her work is a endless source of inspiration for my own creative endeavors. We attended graduate school around the same time, so it was always nice to have someone to commiserate with and toss ideas back and forth to.

Last summer, Jiminie was invited to be a part of the P.S.1 Poster Series and being the groupie that I am, I went to see her work live in and person. Agnes B took notice to her work and so she was asked to create an installation for the SoHo store with Field of Grey.

Jiminie and I been sisters for many years now. We love to cook together and I feel as though lately, all my dishes are definitely Korean infused by now. During the summers we get invited to all the barbeques because we make the BEST Korean-Vietnamese BBQ burgers. Ever. They are so good all you need is the bun and nothing else. I'll start blogging about food and posting recipes since that is one of my other passions.

Check out her website at www.jiminie.org, she has a lot of cool projects she will be working on during the next few months.



How do you like your Crunchy?

Many of my necklaces feature a series of clasps masked as a decorative chain such as the Jiminie, Kathy, Adriana, and Ajiri Crunchies. My pieces look great on their own or layered with other necklaces, but you can also personalize your piece. I had my sister Kat model the different ways you can wear your Kathy Crunchies.

Style # 1: Kathy Crunchy necklaces worn as bracelets.

Style #2: Kathy Crunchy necklace worn as a Y-Necklace

Style #3: Multiple Kathy Necklaces wrapped around as a choker.

Fashion Geek Blog

My friends at Fashion Geek blog of Citysearch gave me a little mention in their blog early this month - so sweet! It is all about the GOLD CHAINS.


Crunchies in the Forest

I am currently in Washington hanging out with my little sister Kat - we're the complete opposites in personality & looks, but these photos where she is dressed up as me are uncanny! Our parents backyard is the forest that connects to Puget Sound, we did not venture out too far though.....it started to rain and poor sister sat on a slug!

So here are some fun snapshots of Kat wearing the Lizette Crunchy necklaces in both the long and short version and around her wrist is the Kathy Crunchy necklace wrapped around as a bracelet. I am by no means a photographer whatsoever - these pics were taken with my little Sony Cybershot camera, ha. For photography, I leave that to my partner-in-crime Jason Lewis.

Sooner than later, I will be preparing to do a real deal photoshoot of my Crunchies with Jay - these are just for a fun time. Enjoy!